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  • kdog94 added a video.
    1 hour 26 minutes ago

    7/3/5 Good luck peeps

    1 hour 28 minutes ago

    Zendreya has planed an All included trip to the Desert Folly 7 2 2 gl all

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  • ChereCindy
    3 hours 49 minutes ago

    When I try to sign on, I keep getting message about unsecure site. What's the deal?

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  • Bwuensch
    5 hours 29 minutes ago

    Final training prep before Saturday's Derby.…

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  • Saturn13
    7 hours 45 minutes ago

    Don't live in the past, Don't live in the future, Live in the present and win the damn race! Good luck all.

    netsfan3 I usually find people who have no happy memories are quite miserable to be with in the present. And tend to think the future is bleak. I watch a lot of DATELINE. It seems that so many of these couples that rush into marriage at 21 years of age end up killing each other at 40 years old. Cherokee Ranger will win the 5th race tonight at the Big M tonight. Will pay less than even money. Cashing tickets continues to be fun. Should be a big night for Corey Callahan.
    5 hours 39 minutes ago
  • netsfan3
    8 hours 4 minutes ago

    Playing 7-3-2 in the contest today. Be aware, Antonio Gallardo is off to a good start in this meet. Good luck.

  • Shad0w.Boxing
    13 hours 58 minutes ago

    I am in Canada, and this competition from its inception have me betting on New Jersey racing and loving it. There are so many entertainments out there competing for the consumer dollar, that racetracks have to be creative in enticing someone like me to bet their product. Love the fact that the track is on the coast, the ambience of it all should be enough to bring people out.

  • jerrry
    17 hours 9 minutes ago

    On a windy day..

  • magicmichael
    17 hours 34 minutes ago

    Wow powerful and moving dedication to Chris Cornell from the group Pretty Reckless!!! RIP Chris Cornell

  • Mandaclair
    21 hours 15 minutes ago

    I want to unsubscribe from these emails

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