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  • Ace The Test
    1 year ago

    Not sure why the contest had to end when there is still a week to go in the meet - but congrats to all who cashed. You beat out a lot of people.

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  • Ace The Test
    3 years ago

    Monmouth is evidently having trouble filling a card for Saturday. Sad state of affairs for NJ racing when Monmouth is only running 2 cards a week, and they are still struggling to get enough entries just 5 days into the meet. It is only going to get worse - Delaware opens next weekend, and Monmouth is supposed to start running 3 days a week in early June.

    netsfan3 LIAR: Have you lost your marbles? The Big M gets a live crowd of about 2000 on Friday and Saturday. Monmouth will average around 8.000 this Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The Big M is free. Live handle means doodle squat these days. Vast amounts of money are bet online and at simulcast outlets. All Meadowlands horses are shipped in these days. New York wisely added slots. You can blame the stupid NJ politicians for having their head up their asses for the last 20 years. They will soon allow fantasy sports, marijuana sales, and casino expansion. NJ can't live in the past much longer.
    3 years ago