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    Monmouth Park
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    Seattle Slew
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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 20:28
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6 months ago
  • stogie
    1 year ago

    If Bullshit was asphalt, Netsfan would be I-95

    netsfan3 The ANGRY FELLOWS are the bands so dear to Stogie. My type of music is about LOVE, and the singers can actually be understood. I prefer singers who can actually carry a tune.
    1 year ago
  • stogie added a video.
    3 years ago
    stogie Horse racing ! Hard Rock! and Metal!
    3 years ago 1
  • stogie added a video.
    4 years ago

    Nice Metallica cover

  • stogie added a video.
    4 years ago
    netsfan3 Heard that noisy song before. My house is about a mile from the road where Washington marched to get from Elizabeth to Morristown, NJ. Hamilton was always my favorite. But, I will never go to the rap play about Hamilton. Not my thing.
    4 years ago
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