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    Monmouth Park
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Friday, 10 May 2013 08:43
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  • njvikefan
    8 months ago

    $500 for most wins. Not bad. I had the most wins in 2010 and won an Ipod Nano with Survival at the Shore engraved on the back. Still have it. Never took it out of the case. Congrats Doc!!

    netsfan3 I can swear that was just changed. I'm pretty sure it read differently a month ago when I looked it up. Maybe, since this guy is from Roselle Park the administrator thinks it's me? I GUARANTEE IT IS NOT. There is no doctor by that name in R.P. If it were me I would donate the 500 clams to the PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA. I am curious as to whether that was changed recently?
    8 months ago
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