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  • dontcallmeshorely13
    6 months ago

    Peace out Kdog and buh bye. You and nets fan can go cry in the corner. Keep your liberal bullshit on your own time with PETA. Everything WAS ok til the president caved to the liberal communist bullshit ranting. He said things were safe after 2 races but your kind cant deal with reality.

    meanmistermustard Never been confused for a lib. EXTREME HEAT ADVISORY!! Bring pets indoors. The elderly and very young should not go outside. The horses? Well we got them fans and those extra hoses, lest we not forget that ocean breeze. So while you're sitting in your living room or on you're porch having a cold one making your piks or bets. The HORSES are MADE to go out there under meds and extreme physical stress. An argument has been made in the past regarding euro horses being adversely affected by the heat here. I doubt you can write off the heat in the performance or well being of these lives. If you can God bless you. NO lib, commie, bs here.
    6 months ago 1