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    Been going to Monmouth since 1960 and seen the best at MP including Kelso, Beau Purple, Carry Back, Mongo, buckpasser just to name a few

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    Monmouth Park
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Sunday, 11 May 2014 12:12
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  • Amber
    1 month ago

    Went to MP Saturday with a college friend. I have been going to MP since 1961 and my friend since 1959. What a fiasco. We were shocked by the stupidity of MP's management. Either they should have cancelled the card the prior day or ran the whole card. No horse collapsed in the first two races and it was just as hot on Friday and they ran all races. I know this because I was also there on Friday.

    JudyB Everyone, I was never at all responding to whether or not Monmouth should or should not have cancelled any or all races on Saturday. I was responding to the mismanagement, where they waited until there was outrage from some involved with the races and protesters. By then some customers had taken the time and expense to head out there (I did not go - I live about an hour away & had planned to go). Under the circumstances, I felt that the customers should be considered as well, and not held hostage to spend money they had not intended on products, food and gambling for hours (or just flat out sitting around bored and uncomfortable), or leave and miss the races they came to see. Obviously the conditions were dangerous for the horses and by extension, the jockeys, and seriously unhealthy for the horse caretakers, workers and patrons. My opinion is that they should have cancelled all of Saturday's card on Friday when it became clear that the heatwave was continuing at least through that day.
    1 month ago 1
  • Amber
    1 month ago

    I entered the Del Mar contest and bet $50 win on Jasican who won for a mutual of $145 and $50 on Nolde for place for a mutual of$125 totaling $270 but was only credited by the administrator for $170. Am I missing some thing in the rules? Anyone know why?

    Johnny B Angry Just looked at the Del Mar rules. 25-1 cap. The Santa Anita contest was 30-1.
    I guess they didn't like it when I caught Bolo at 30-1.
    1 month ago
  • Amber
    4 months ago

    Opening day at Monmouth. Have only missed a couple in the last thirty years. Looking forward to another great season at the shore track.

  • Amber
    1 year ago

    To netsfan3. Amber is not a woman it's just a nickname. You are correct that I live in Westfield and in 2015 my ID was mambrosia and I won the contest that year. Pino may be up in years but so is Ferrar and he's doing pretty well. By the way, you shouldn't knock other peoples picks since you know anything can happen in horse racing.

    David Juffet Correctly presume doesn't cut it anymore.
    1 year ago 1
  • Amber
    1 year ago

    It's hard not to notice a horse who is 5 for5 on the turf (Lift Up, #3 in the 9th). If you saw the last race you would have seen that he was he was totally blocked into deep stretch, and when he got free, he exploded with a finish that could easily win this race.

    kdog94 Removed
    1 year ago